We started the Family Computer Club  in 1991. Our aim at that time was to familiarize students, adults and senior citizens with the use of computers. Quick Basic, DOS commands and use of programs like WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 in Windows 3.1 were quite popular. In1995 came Windows 95 and the world seemed to change. Internet caused a flurry. Netscape Navigator Gold was the standard browser. People wanted to learn how to design a website, surf the net and send and receive emails. Microsoft Excel and MS Access also became well known. Students wanted to learn C, C++ and HTML. In 2000 everything crashed. It looked like few people were interested in learning computers. People were not so excited about learning web-designing. There was some interest in the Java programming language and animations. By 2005 schools had built huge computer laboratories. Children were learning computer skills in school. Senior citizens were being gifted laptops by their children and they tried to learn the basics at home – often by hit and trial or some relative taught them a few things like surfing the net and sending and receiving emails or sometimes even word-processing using MS Word. Internet Explorer had by now become the dominant browser. The computer training institutes were in turmoil. Also much of the training was available ‘free of cost’ on the net. At this juncture we decided to provide corporate trainings. This became our niche. Training in MS Excel and Excel VBA helped us to survive. To help our students further we decided to dedicate our website with free training videos to our students and others who were keen to learn MS Excel. AdSense provided a great way to keep the website free. We are thankful to Godaddy for providing an excellent webhosting service. If we ever have a question their staff is prompt in answering our queries. We would also like to thank webmasters at mrexcel.com, chandoo.org, contextures.com and hundreds of others whose help we have taken when we couldn’t find a solution. A special thanks to the Google AdSense team for helping us with tips to improve our earnings through proper use of ad units. If you have any queries, please free to contact us.