Excel 2007

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Basic Calculations
How to Calculate Profit Loss of security transactions in MS Excel
Using Custom Formulas – Excel Financial Calculator
How to use the status bar in Microsoft Excel to do a quick data analysis
How to use Autosum in Multiple Worksheet Cells Quickly
How to speed up data entry of decimal numbers
Automating rounding of decimal numbers in MS-Excel
Rename and Color Worksheet Tabs
Microsoft Office Button
Using worksheets effectively
Accessing a specific worksheet in large workbooks with multiple worksheets
Copy Worksheet Quickly
Formatting text and numbers
Saving Excel 2007 files
Saving an Excel file as a PDF file
Landscape Oriented Worksheet Template
Inbuilt Functions
How to generate random numbers in MS Excel
Sort Function
More on sort data
Formatting data as tables
Tables as databases in MS Excel
Absolute and relative cell reference
How to make a worksheet fit a printed page
How to print formulas in Excel
Page layout and print preview
Printing: display grid-lines
How to rotate Excel worksheet data
Conditional Formatting
Another Interesting Conditional Formatting Solution
An interesting solution using conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel 2007
How to clear conditional formatting in Excel worksheets
Copy Paste Excel Chart into PowerPoint Using Paste Special
How to make your charts more impressive
Text to columns
How to change the color of the gridlines of an Excel worksheet or hide them
How to convert 6/5/2011 into Sunday, 6/5/2011
Where is my autofill handle?
How to Use Excel – MROUND() Function

Using Library functions
Circular Reference
View 2 worksheets in same workbook side by side
Turn on/off Autocomplete
How to avoid auto hyperlinks
Fill data across worksheets
How to use comments
How to print comments in Microsoft Excel
How to remove duplicates
How to benefit from Microsoft Excel Templates
Template based workbook
Themes and smartart diagrams
‘IF’ function
Find Missing Data Using COUNTIF Nested in IF Function
How to Calculate Amount Due on Delayed Invoice Payments
Nested If Function to Determine Project Complexity
Power Billing Solution Using If Function in Microsoft Excel
An interesting payroll solution
Simple Inventory Solution Using IF
Inventory Management – SUMIF function
How to count data based on multiple criteria – countifs function
Count Total Between Two Dates Using COUNTIFS Function
Nested functions
Advanced filter
Interesting use of Advanced Filter in MS Excel
How to use advanced filter in Excel to extract unique records and remove duplicates
Named ranges
Create mail merge labels in MS Word using Excel named ranges
In-Cell Graphs
Formatting in-cell graphs
How to Display Results in a Specific Way in Excel
Add Text To Displayed Excel Numerical Value
Data validation
Custom Data Validation
Criteria Range
Create two charts at once
How to have your free personal assistant in Microsoft Excel who reads out the data to you
Data Forms to Enter and Edit Data
Future Value Solution in Microsoft Excel
Financial Calculations in Excel
Payment Calculations based on Timestamps
Calculating Time Differences in MS Excel
How to convert an Excel File into a Text File
Tables in MS Excel
Copy – Paste Special – Paste Link – MS Excel – MS Word

Gantt Charts
Animations in Microsoft Excel
Pivot Tables
Vlookup and Hlookup
Vlookup Solution Using List in MS Excel
Another Vlookup Solution in Excel Using List
Compare Data Lists Using Vlookup and ISNA Functions
Goal Seek
Solver Excel – An easy to understand example
Another Interesting Solver solution in Microsoft Excel
Get external data – text files
Import data from access databases
Import data from an Excel file
Array Formulas
DSUM and Array Formulas for addition solutions
Calculations in Word
Data tables and sensitivity analysis
Printing: Repeat specific rows
Excel Help – Vlookup
How to avoid errors while working in Excel – Data Validation, Protect Worksheet
Perpetual Calendar from 1900 to 9999
How to create your own custom add-in
How to calculate equal monthly payments or installments using a mathematical equation
Referencing a cell in another worksheet
How to perform a what-if analysis using a scroll-bar form control
IF Function Question
How to develop an advanced function or formula in MS-Excel
Inventory Solution in Microsoft Excel
Dice Game in MS-Excel
How to consolidate data from multiple workbooks or files
Practical Solution Using SUMPRODUCT
Avoid Error in Counting of dates in MS Excel
Adding Special Numbers in MS Excel
Financial Planning Using MS Excel
Home Loan Refinance Calculations Using MS Excel
Home Loan Refinance Calculations Using Intuitive Method
Determining Project Viability Using Cash Flows in MS Excel
Graphs in MS Excel to avoid heavy calculations
Create Grade Sheet in MS Excel
Adding only positive values in a range of positive and negative values
How to Hide Excel VBA Code Using Password
Developing an Interesting Formula Using Multiple Functions

How to use comments
Convert function
Using 3-D references
Consolidate data
RANK function
Named ranges use
Advanced filter – unique records
Highlighting duplicates
Database functions
Vlookup and calculations
Data Analysis and Vlookup
Vlookup using lists
Data Analysis and Hlookup
Lookup function
Left Lookups: Overcome limitations of Vlookup
How to use the ‘power to’ feature
Convert numerical text data into numbers
Work with Excel data containing blank rows
Lookup functions – nested functions
Highlight blank cells
Compound interest calculations using user form
How to copy a Word table into Excel
Insert a watermark
How to draw in Excel
CHOOSE function
Data Analysis and MATCH function
Max, Match, Vlookup and LARGE functions
Breakeven analysis using Goalseek
Staff scheduling with Solver
Solver to minimize delivery costs
How to avoid duplicate entries
Data validation, Named Ranges, Indirect Function
Trim function
Text functions
Link an Excel worksheet to Word
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard & MS-Office Ribbon
Teaching kids
Manage Inventory
Accessing data from another workbook
Send Excel document in an e-mail
Sensitivity Analysis with data tables
Sumif – multiple criteria
Data entry only into specific cells
Ensure all data entries
MS-Access Table using MS-Excel data
Delete empty rows
Quiz using the comments and conditional formatting
Open a user form using a command button
Depreciation Schedule
Depreciation using the straight line method
Consolidate data from Excel worksheets using copy and autofill
Share files using Microsoft’s Sky-drive
Checkbox form control
Dynamic named ranges
Using Count Offset Functions in Excel for Data Analysis
Datedif Function
How to subtract dates in Microsoft Excel
Sensitivity Analysis of Excel data before starting a new business
Sensitivity analysis with Scenario Manager
How to Generate Random Numbers
Excel and mail merge in MS-Word
Export data from Outlook to Excel
Using Calendar Control to enter dates in Excel
Track changes
Descriptive Statistics
Interesting use of date function
Enter only dates of weekdays
Interesting Microsoft Excel Formula Based on Date and Row Functions
Interest calculations on delayed payments
Extracting numbers from alphanumeric text
Recover excel graph data from PowerPoint slide
What happened to the data form in Excel 2007?
Financial statements
Cost to company
Future value – FV
Data tables and sensitivity analysis
Using multiple criteria in Countif Function
How to improve readability of your Excel data
Net Present Value (NPV)
NPV Correction
Help Jenny Decide – NPV in MS Excel
NPV Calculations in MS Excel – Which Project Should GE Undertake?
How to enter fractions
Excel tips for beginners and advanced users
How to open a password protected Excel worksheet whose password has been lost
Bonds Pricing in MS Excel
Valuation of Bonds in MS Excel
How to share files on the net using Sky Drive (One Drive)
Convert PDF to Excel