Excel 2007 2010 2013 VBA

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VBA Modules
How to access worksheet cells with a macro in Excel
How to access Excel worksheet cells using the cell property in a macro
Autofit Data Automatically in Columns in MS Excel
How to Extract or Pull Specific Words from a Database or Collection
Merge data of Excel cells without losing data using VBA
Calculations in excel using macros
How to Confirm Data Entry Values in an Excel Worksheet Using VBA
How to Transfer Data from One Excel Workbook to Another Automatically
How to Convert MS Excel Formula to VBA Code
How to increase or decrease the value of a worksheet cell automatically
Find Duration in Hours between two Dates using VBA
Formatting Text and Numbers using macro in Excel
Interactive Calculations Macro – ActiveCell, Offset and Inputbox
Update Appointments Data Automatically in MS Excel
If-Else Function Macro
Project end warning with and without VBA
Interesting Excel VBA Example
Nested-If Function Macro
Automation Using a ‘Do While’ Loop in Macro Microsoft Excel
Convert Numbers to dates Using Excel VBA
For Loop – Excel VBA Training
Generating permanent random numbers using an Excel macro
Lottery game in Microsoft Excel
Save Excel Files Automatically Using Cell Data
Copy Paste Data from one Excel Worksheet to Another
How to copy data from one Excel worksheet to another and print
Class Module, Objects and Collections in Excel VBA
How to sort Excel data automatically
Automatic Report Generation in MS Excel
Automatic Non-Volatile Date & Time entry using Excel VBA
How to auto-run a VBA project
Protect Excel Worksheet Using VBA
How to Display Tip of The Day in Excel Using VBA
How to create timer-counter using Excel VBA
How to Print Specific Worksheet from Multiple Worksheets in Workbook Using VBA
Automatically Select Entire Worksheet Row on Click inside any cell Using Excel VBA
Error Handling in MS Excel Visual Basic for Applications VBA
Debug Excel VBA Code Line by Line for Errors
Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Macros Using Excel VBA
Transfer Data from Multiple Workbooks into Master Workbook Automatically
Move Excel Workbooks from one Folder to another Using VBA

Charts using VBA
Create Charts Using Excel VBA
Embed Chart in Worksheet Using Excel VBA

Pivot Tables using VBA
Create Pivot Tables Using VBA – Pivot Cache
How to manipulate Pivot Fields in Pivot Table using VBA
How to Update PivotTable When Source Data in Excel Worksheet Changes
Manipulate Pivot Items with VBA
Add Pivot Chart to Excel Worksheet Using VBA

VBA UserForms
What is a user-form in Excel?
User Form to automate calculations and validate data entry
Find the next blank or empty row for automatic data entry using Excel User Form
Adding and using a combo-box on a Userform
Using a List Box on an Excel UserForm
How to Fill List box on Excel User-Form with Unique Values from Worksheet
Display all worksheets of a workbook in listbox and print specific worksheet
Interesting Use of Combo-Box Form Control
Add and code the clear and cancel command buttons on userform
Open userform automatically
How to open & Close Userform Automatically Using excel VBA
How to Open the UserForm using a Command Button on a Worksheet
User Form to perform specific calculations
Show/Hide Controls on a User-Form using a Checkbox
Display or Hide Controls on UserForm Using Option Buttons
Populate List box and Text boxes with Excel data using VBA and Vlookup
How to use multiple list boxes on a user-form in MS Excel
How to focus on a specific control (TextBox1) on a user-form in MS-Excel
Inventory Management – User-Forms
Display Message in One Text Box Based on Entry in Another Text Box
Limit user input in a text box or an Excel Worksheet Cell
How to Allow ONLY Numerical Values in Excel user-form Text-Box Using VBA
Design User-Form with List box, Labels, Text Boxes, Option Buttons and Command Button
AutoFill Data Using Excel VBA
How to Add Custom List Using Excel VBA
Clock on Userform & more controls
Customer Inventory Query Interface using Userform
How to populate an image control in an Excel user-form with data from a worksheet using VBA
Advanced UserForm
Copy Row of Data from sheet1 to sheet2 with User-form

Getting Data from Websites into Excel
Scrape or Pull Data Automatically from Websites into Excel
Complete Automation of Getting Web Page Data into Excel Worksheet Using VBA
Scraping Web Page Data Automatically with Excel VBA
Extract Specific Link From Web Pages Using Excel VBA

VBA involving worksheets
How to place an appropriate picture aligned to the correct worksheet cell using VBA
How to place an image in an image control on an Excel user form based on worksheet data
How to separate comma separated values (csv) in a worksheet cell in Microsoft Excel into rows or columns
Find duplicates in two different Excel worksheets using a macro
Protecting Specific Worksheets in an Excel Workbook using VBA
How do I match data from 2 worksheets and highlight the differences using collections in VBA
Apply Autofilter Across Multiple Excel Worksheets
Hyperlinks and VBA Code to Navigate worksheets in Large Workbooks
Copy Paste Data from one Excel Worksheet to another using an Inputbox
Compare Dates & password Protect Worksheet Using Excel VBA
Transfer Transpose data from one Excel worksheet to another automatically
Compare two Excel Worksheets Cell by Cell Using VBA
Enter Value in One Worksheet and Generate Many Values in Another Sheet
Delete Specific Data from an Excel Worksheet Using VBA
How to Add Multiple Worksheets to Workbook and Name Them Automatically
Using Symbols Like ‘Tick’ and ‘Cross’ in Drop-Down List in Excel Worksheet
Find Data in Specific Cells in Multiple Excel Worksheets using VBA
How to Copy Worksheet from Another Workbook, Rename it and check whether Other Workbook was Already Open
How to Run VBA Code or Macro on a Protected Sheet
Copy Data From One Workbook to Another to a Specific Worksheet
Transfer Specific Data from one Worksheet to another for Reports
Sort Excel Worksheet Data and Combo Box Data Using VBA
Extract Data from one Excel Worksheet to another using Advanced Filter with VBA

More Interesting & Useful Solutions
Another Method to Find the next empty or blank row for data entry
How to record a macro to import a text file and assign the macro to command button
How to use date-and-time picker and calendar tools in an Excel macro
Searching and Comparing Keywords Using A Do while Nested Loop Macro with InStr Function
Bank reconciliation using a for loop
Bank reconciliation using a ‘do while’ loop
Do while loop
For… next loop
How to change the row height and column width using a macro
Automated drawing using nested for loops
Payroll program using VBA and Vlookup
How to automate overtime and wages calculations using loops
How to use a list-box on a user-form in Excel
How to populate a list-box on a user-form using arrays
How to populate a list-box on a user-form using a named range
How to use a check-box with a list-box on a user-form in Excel
How to find the Thanks-Giving-Date using a custom function
How to use command buttons on a splash screen in MS-Excel
How to calculate the difference in hours between two date-time values
Interesting sumproduct solution – How to calculate the total purchases quickly
How to Filter or Hide Rows & Display Excel Data in Excel Using A Macro
Automate Chart Creation Using Excel Macros (VBA)
Spell numbers in Excel Using VBA
How to use automation to send MS Outlook mail using Excel VBA
Convert shortcuts to full form using Excel VBA
Highlight Excel cells while entering data
How to create a checkout list automatically using Excel VBA
How to Create Notifications or Reminders Automatically in Excel
Coding Command Button to Display Message after Performing Calculations
How to Consolidate Data from Multiple Excel Workbooks Using VBA
Prevent User from Closing Workbook Using Excel VBA
How to Login Automatically into Website Using Excel VBA
Create Order Timer in MS Excel Using VBA
Automated Goods & Service Tax (GST) Calculations Using Excel VBA
Add City Code to Mobile Phone Numbers Automatically
How to Compare and Merge Multiple Workbooks to Create a Master File
Troubleshooting Excel VBA Queries
Calculate Shipment Cost Userform Excel VBA
Troubleshoot Copy Paste Data using Excel VBA
Generate Test Paper from Question Bank Using Excel VBA
3 Excel VBA Training Questions on YouTube
Troubleshoot Excel VBA Code Based on Queries
Attendance Automation Using Excel VBA
Copy Paste Multiple Rows of Data from One Workbook to Another Using Excel VBA
Pop-up Calendar Add-In Using Excel VBA
Automate Data Extraction Without Opening Destination Workbook Excel VBA
Scraping Webpage Tables Data Using VBA
Copy Data to Another Excel Work Book Based on Criteria Using VBA
Populate Combo Box on Excel UserForm with Unique Items Using VBA
Copy Data Paste another Workbook Transpose Automatically using Excel VBA